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We’re sure you have some questions so take a look at our most asked…
It’s absolutely right to have lots of questions about living with Fresh and here’s the best place to start quizzing us on how to book and what living here is really like.
BTR & Co-Living FAQs

We are a market leading, third party manager of residential for rent assets across the UK and Ireland. From student accommodation to apartments to rent and Co Living, we create homes and communities that are perfect for the way our residents live their lives.

We would love to hear from you at any time so that we can add you onto our waiting list. Once we have your details, as soon as a suitable property becomes available we will be in touch! That will usually be around 8 weeks before you want to move in.

If you are renting with us in England take a look at the Government produced guide How to Rent which provides lots of helpful information.

If you are renting in Wales, the guide A Home in the Private Rented Sector is available.

The agreement we use depends on where you will be renting with us - If you are renting in England you will have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) and if you are renting in Wales you will have an Occupation Contract.

You can view and download a sample copy of the agreement for your chosen property in the Booking Information section of each property’s webpage.

Once you have passed reference checks you will be sent the agreement to read through and sign electronically. It will outline how much rent you will pay and when this is due, details of the Landlord, explain who is responsible for repairs / damages and provide details of how the annual rent increase will occur if one applies to your tenancy.

Once the Tenancy Agreement is countersigned by the Landlord you are committed to the tenancy.

Of course! We are very proud of our properties and would love to show you around. We just ask that you speak to our Residents’ Team in advance so that if your chosen apartment is occupied, we can ask the residents’ permission to show you around.

If you find yourself in the area and haven’t had a chance to speak to us you can still pop in. Whilst we might not have an apartment to show you we will still be able to show you around our Residents’ shared spaces.

We can also offer online video viewings if you don’t live locally so let us know what works for you!

If you are renting with us in England we will need to complete checks to ensure everyone in your household is eligible to live in the UK. The checks are simple – we will just need you to provide your photographic proof of ID if you are a citizen of the UK or Ireland, or your Home Office Share Code and date of birth if you are a citizen of any other country.

Download the UK Governments Right to Rent Guide here for more information.

You will be able to complete your booking online in a few easy steps but it will be helpful if you have some information ready when you start your application – the name and email addresses of any joint tenants and some photographic ID will be needed. After choosing your apartment, you should be able to complete the application form in no more than 15 minutes.

Once you submit the application, we will contact you to discuss the next steps which will include a viewing if you haven’t already had one and your reference checks.

Our guide to booking with Fresh takes you through the steps involved.

All prospective residents go through referencing to check eligibility to enter into an Agreement. These checks must be completed within 3 working days, so it is important you speak to your employer etc to ask them to reply within this timeframe.

If you currently have an unsatisfied CCJ, we are sorry that you will not be eligible to live with us. If you have had a satisfied CCJ in the past 2 years, we ask that you discuss this with our General Manager before starting your application.

As a rough guide, to pass the credit part of the reference checks, your (joint) monthly income must be at least 2.5 times the rent.

We have produced a handy guide to referencing - click here to take a look.

Some of our properties require Sanction Checks to be completed before we are able to issue you with an agreement.

The checks will be completed at the same time as your general reference checks. They use Government sanction databases to identify and list individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes and terrorism offences. The checks are conducted by Veri-Check on the Landlords behalf.

We will ask you to propose a guarantor who must live in and own property in the UK to go through referencing. The guarantor’s monthly income will need to be at least 3 times the monthly rent to ensure they can cover both your rent and their own living costs. The other referencing criteria remains the same.

Please make sure your proposed guarantor is fully aware that if you can’t pay your rent, they will be asked to make the payments on your behalf. We will ask them to sign a Deed of Guarantee to confirm this.

Read our handy guide for more information.

There are no upfront payments. Your first month's rent and Tenancy Deposit must be paid by cleared funds seven days after the Tenancy Agreement is signed, or one working day prior to move in, whichever happens soonest. Contracts will not be executed prior to the initial monies having been paid.

Your deposit is kept safe with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (Custodial).

At the end of your tenancy, you will be contacted by TDS to agree to the repayment of your deposit (minus any proposed charges). Once you have agreed this, TDS will normally return the deposit within 5 working days.

There are no upfront payments. Your first month's rent and Tenancy Deposit must be paid by cleared funds seven days after the Tenancy Agreement is signed, or one working day prior to move in, whichever happens soonest.

If your tenancy starts on or before the 15th of the month, your first rental payment will cover the remainder of that month. If your tenancy starts on or after the 16th, your first rental payment will be the remainder of that month plus the full monthly rent for the following month. Both payments will be calculated as your total annual rent divided by 365, multiplied by the relevant number of days.

Contracts will not be countersigned prior to the initial monies having been paid.

Once your first payment is received, all future payments will be due on the 1st of each month.

We highly recommend you take out a comprehensive contents insurance policy from a reputable supplier to protect your personal possessions. This should start on the day you move in.

You may also want to consider having insurance to cover accidental damage to the Landlord’s goods or property. Depending on the policy, this can provide cover in the event you e.g. stain a carpet or drop something onto the hob and smash it.

Yes, all our residents are responsible for paying their council tax direct to the local authority. We suggest that as soon as your tenancy start date is confirmed you let them know you will be moving in so that they can prepare your account and you can keep your payments up to date.

Yes, if you watch or record programmes as they are being shown, watch catch up TV such as iPlayer or watch live TV online you will need a license.

This applies to any provider you use and any device, including a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorder.

Please visit for more information.

We hope you will love living with us but there may be times when we dont always get it right. We take all complaints seriously and will try our best to fix any issues the first time. If you need help and advice, please speak with your General Manager first. To view our complaints procedure please download this guide.

Fresh are members of the Property Redress Scheme which is a consumer redress (ombudsman) scheme for Property Agents and Professionals. Our membership number is PRS013082. If you do not feel we have dealt with your complaint, you may be able to raise with the PRS.

Fresh are proud members of Propertymark which is a regulatory body for letting and managing agents in the UK. It provides a Code of Practice for its members which Fresh follow. This provides peace of mind and reassurance that you can trust Fresh to look after you at every step of your tenancy.

We are also members of the Propertymark Client Money Protection scheme which means that if you feel we have misappropriated your rent or deposit you can apply for reimbursement

You can download a copy of our Client Money Protection Providers accounting rules here.

And here's a copy of our accounting rules.

We are also members of the UKAA which is the leading association for the UK Build To Rent industry.

We encourage and help all our residents to lead a more sustainable life, and many of our properties have energy saving features.

Speak to our Residents’ Team to find out more about sustainability at your chosen property or have a look at our Sustainability Guide.

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