Best TikTok Accounts to Follow for Healthy Recipes and Workout Ideas

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Whether you like to comfort eat or treat yourself by eating your body weight in chocolate over the weekend, it's also important to remember to treat your body with a little TLC. Not only will you notice physical improvements, but you'll also notice benefits in your mental health, as they work hand in hand.


Studies have shown that our gut is often called the body's 'second brain', which explains why we instantly feel hungry when we see our favourite food or nauseous when we see a food we don't like. Both serotonin and dopamine – also known as 'happy-hormones'- are produced in the gut. This means that what we're consuming directly impacts our mental health, and if we can eat well, this can lead to us feeling happier and more energised.


Are you looking to give your mind and body extra tender loving care? Consider TikTok your very own personal trainer and dietician. Here are our favourite TikTok accounts for healthy recipes and workout ideas.

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What are the best TikTok accounts for healthy recipes?




With over 2.1 million followers on TikTok and 200K followers on Instagram, Violet Witchel is the proof within the pudding that healthy meals don't need to be bland. Sharing with the world hundreds of various salad recipes and quick and easy lunch ideas – the options are endless to bring you over to the green side. And for those with a sweet tooth, there's a plate for you too.




Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Wagamamas are just a few of our favourite fast-food chains, but the real question is – how healthy are our favourite take-out foods? Don't worry, as Hajar Larbah is here to help you eat healthy without packing up the pounds. With various worldwide recipes, treat yourself to wholesome recipes from honey garlic butter chicken to matcha cookies.




One common misconception about eating healthier is that you have to miss out on eating your favourite foods – but hailing from TikTok @JalalSamFit is here to tell you that you're wrong! Producing healthier versions of all your favourite food – Jalal shows a variety of recipes without loading up on the amount of sugar, calories and fats you intake. From shawarma bowls to KFC's Zinger Rice Box, many recipes are available to satisfy all your cravings.




We love @leaheverecipes for how inventive with her healthier alternatives. Whether you need fun salad ideas or are looking for a way to jazz up breakfast time, Leah is your gal! Head over to her TikTok page and follow her journey of trying ‘100 days of testing healthy recipes' – we can't wait to see what she comes up with next.




A qualified pilates instructor and nutritionist – Meghan Gionta, produces health and fitness videos on TikTok that are super-informative without promoting the toxic diet culture and has a great approach to adopting healthy eating habits.




One of the top TikTok female influencers, Demi Bagby, is known for being a CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder. She produces many workout videos that don't restrict you from being at the gym or at home. Providing you with many great locations to work out, Demi is great at motivating you to get fit and healthy anytime, any place.




A popular fitness instructor – Joe Wicks, is famous for his transformation and diet plans, which he calls "Lean in 15" meals. This is perfect for those who are looking for easy student meal ideas and, in the mood, to try out new and flavoursome recipes that don't require too much effort.


And if cheat day is coming up soon for you – Joe also has a couple of 'naughtier' recipes for when you want to balance out all the healthy foods you've been eating.

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Top Health and Wellness Influencers You Need to Follow on TikTok


Eating right plays a significant role in keeping your body fit and healthy, but looking after your mental wellbeing is also essential. Here are some of the top TikTok influencers we think you should follow to help look after your mental health.




Dr Julie Smith is a psychologist who combines mental health, therapy and psychology to help you get back on top! She explains concepts such as your relationship with food to dealing with anxiety and depression through various analogies and metaphors to avoid overwhelming you with lots of technical information. Not only is her content digestible, but you can also apply her advice to whatever scenarios work for you!




For most of us, going to university is the moment we start learning and finding ourselves. And there's no better person to help you than Matthias Barker. A psychotherapist and trauma specialist – Matthias gives great relationship advice and motivational tips for whenever you're feeling a little down. Available on all platforms, start your day positively and tune into one of Matthias' podcasts.




Are you looking for an online health and fitness coach? Steph Grasso might be the person for you! As one of TikTok's first content creators on their WellnessHub- Steph's page is filled with a great diet and meal prep hacks. Steph encourages you to eat all your favourite food, from egg cups to protein pancakes, but with a healthy twist.


Discover more to get a head start on your new health kick!



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