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Be Programme

Creating communities that Residents cant wait to come home to

Freshs new wellbeing and lifestyle programme Be, puts our residents at the heart, by creating a community that thrives and cares for each other.

Be equips our residents with everything from helping them to settle in, giving them the opportunities to meet their neighbours, make new friends and to ensure they love their time with us

The aims of
the Be Programme


We create a sense of belonging where youll feel welcomed and meet like-minded residents that share your interests



Everyone is welcomed to our wellbeing and lifestyle programme, with events and support that build friendships and enhance wellbeing



Be is your hub for resources to support your mental health and wellbeing, so you can check in whenever you need a little extra help

The Pillars of
the Be Programme

Be Connected

From book clubs to barbecues, weekend workouts to after-work cuppas, we create opportunities for you to meet your neighbours and get to know each other

Be Supported

Links to resources and blogs to support your mental health and wellbeing                     

Be Social

Join the good times at weekly in-person and virtual events designed to ignite your interests check in for cookery demonstrations, talks and more

Be Active

Access to yoga, HIIT, running clubs, gyms and mindfulness classes are just a taste of whats on offer

Happy residents leads to fuller properties

Our objective is to keep our residents happy and enaged with their neighbours, the community, and our Residents Teams, This in turn leads to improved property reviews, rebooker rates and word of mouth referrals; all essential for maximising income and minimising voids

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