What To Wear To Graduation

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It’s time for you to dress your best and celebrate your achievements in style as graduation day has finally arrived! Whether you’re a guy or gal looking for the perfect graduation outfit, read on to find out what to wear to graduation.

What to wear for graduation; graduates celebrating and holding their caps and diplomas in the air

One thing that’s essential to consider when deciding what to wear to graduation is your shoe game. The type of shoes you wear is a big deal because when you’re dressed up in your graduation cap and gown and walking across the stage to collect your certificate, everyone will see your shoes, so you will want them to look their absolute best.


Typically for graduation, there isn’t a specific dress code, except looking classy and fresh. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd as this is your big moment of achievement. And not only do you want to celebrate this memorable occasion, but you’ll also want to dress your best too. Stuck on ideas of what to wear to graduation? Read on to find out what to wear on your graduation day.

What to wear to graduation? Five graduates posing for a selfie wearing caps and gowns.

Graduation outfits for ladies


Let’s put one thing straight: when it comes to women’s graduation outfits, you don’t have to wear a dress. There are so many options of what to wear for graduation. Stand out from the crowd and opt for a classic two-piece suit, a jumpsuit, or a flowy midi skirt. The best thing about these choices is that they are great for all seasons and can easily be switched depending on the colours you wear. If your ceremony is in the winter, go for darker hues and if you have your ceremony in the summer, compliment the weather with pastel or vibrant colours.






When deciding what shoes to wear, think about the venue your ceremony is being held at. If you’re planning to take pictures on the grass, opt for a block or wedge, as stilettoes will sink in the grass. Plus, they’re a much safer option to wear when walking across the stage. Whether you’re into heels or not, we recommend wearing a shoe with a slight heel because if you choose to wear a flatform shoe it can affect your posture and make you a little heavy-footed.

Graduation outfits for men


If you’re looking for the perfect men’s graduation outfit, we suggest keeping it smart and simple. Whether you wear a three-piece suit, a two-piece suit or even just bright shirt and trousers, you’ve got many options. Depending on the season, you can choose to wear a light and airy outfit in the summer or a three-piece to keep the warmth in during the winter. Finish off your look with a pair of loafer or brogues – or keep it casual with a pair of smart trainers.







Congratulations on passing your degree and good luck for graduation day!


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