UK University Grading System Guide: How To Convert Indian Marks Into UK Grades

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With so many different study options, it can be confusing trying to understand what UK university grading means – especially when trying to convert your Indian grades into UK ones!

Read our guide to the UK university grading system and learn the different marks and degree classes, as well as how to convert your Indian marks into UK grades.

Happy students celebrate receiving A grades under the UK university grading system


UK university grading system

In UK universities, marks are given under a lettered structure, with A being the highest grade and F the lowest. These letters relate to the percentage score for each individual piece of work submitted as part of your degree – whether that’s an essay, exam, dissertation or otherwise.

At the end of your degree, the total percentage is calculated to give your overall degree classification. 

UK Merit and Distinction grades relate to Foundation Degrees, with a Distinction being the highest award and a Merit being the second highest.

For an Honours Degree, a First is the best possible award, followed by an Upper Second (2:1), Lower Second (2:2) and a Third (3).


UK university grading system table


Grade Letter Percentage Score Definition  Foundatoin Degree Class Honours Degree Class
A 70%-100% Excellent to Outstanding Distinction First
B 60%-69% Good to Very Good Merit Upper Second (2:1)
C 50%-59% Satisfactory Pass Lower Second (2:2)
D 40%-49% Sufficient Pass Third (3)
E 30%-39% Unsatisfactory Fail Fail
F 0%-29% Unsatisfactory Fail Fail

While English, Northern Irish and Welsh universities follow the above format closely, it’s important to note that Scotland uses a different points system which can vary from university to university. You can learn more about Scottish university grading here.

Convert Indian marks to UK grades;  student holding pen undertaking an exam


Convert Indian marks to UK grades

Now that you understand how UK universities grade students, it’s time to understand how that relates to your Indian degree marks.

Luckily, this isn’t too complicated! An Indian Bachelors degree is considered equivalent to a UK one, although there is some variation in terms of how the marks are converted.

Indian university marks to UK grades table


Indian Qualification Type Mark Equivalent to UK First Mark Equivalent to UK 2:1 Mark Equivalent to UK 2:2
Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (Percentage-classifications) 75% 60% 50%
Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (GPA 10-point system) 8.5 7 6
Bachelorof Arts/Science/Commerce (GPA 7-point system) 7 5 4
Professional Bachelor degree (Percentage classifications) 75% 60% 50%
Professional Bachelor degree (GPA 10-point system) 8.5 7 6
Professional Bachelor degree (GPA 7-point system) 7 5 4



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