Black History Month 2023: TV Series and Documentary Recommendations

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TV series and documentaries serve as a captivating gateway to history, especially black history. Through powerful visuals and narratives, they bring historical events and experiences to life, creating a deeply immersive learning experience. By watching these stories unfold on the screen, you’ll uncover compelling stories that shed light on identity, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Each piece is a powerful lens through which we can understand the dynamic experiences and challenges faced by the Black community in the UK.

1. "How Racist Are You?" (Documentary – YouTube)

  A timeless and thought-provoking documentary that invites us to engage in the "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" exercise led by Jane Elliott. This powerful experiment explores the intricacies of racism and its impact on individuals and communities.

2. "Noughts + Crosses" (TV Series – BBC iPlayer)

Based on Malorie Blackman’s best-selling series, "Noughts + Crosses" reimagines our world in a unique and captivating way. It flips traditional racial power dynamics and holds the functioning of our society to the light. This series challenges our preconceived notions and dives deep into the consequences of racism.

3. "Champion" (TV Series – BBC iPlayer)

"Champion" is an eight-part musical series following the Champion siblings, who risk a musical rivalry that could drive their family apart in their quest for musical stardom. Written by best-selling author Candice Carty-Williams, this love letter to South London rap explores Bosco's comeback and Vita's discovery of her own talent.

4. "The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files" (Documentary)**

 Unveiling a piece of history that shook the nation, a rocked the black British community, this documentary uncovers the Windrush scandal. It delves into hidden government files and the lives that were profoundly impacted by the hostile environment and policies.

5. "I May Destroy You" (TV Series – BBC iPlayer)

Created by the talented Michaela Coel, "I May Destroy You" is a deeply compelling series that explores consent, self-discovery, and the arduous path to healing. Coel's storytelling prowess and willingness to address difficult cultural issues make this series a must-watch.

6. "Small Axe" (Anthology Series – BBC iPlayer)

"Small Axe" is an anthology series that takes us through the experiences of West Indian immigrants in London from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. This powerful series highlights the struggles and triumphs of the black community in the UK.

7. "Queen Charlotte" (Netflix)

“Queen Charlotte" explores the backstory of the much wondered about older generation of “Bridgerton” women. Starring a beautifully diverse range of actors, this series delves into the fictional imagining of Georgian England. This series provides sought-after insight into the life and experiences of the much-loved cast of “Bridgerton” characters.

A person looking at a phoneDescription automatically generatedAs we approach the end of Black History Month, take the opportunity to learn, reflect, and honour our shared cultural heritage in a profound way.

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