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The world of audio has increasingly become one of our most favoured forms of entertainment in recent years from audio books to bit-sized episodes of Podcasts. Now, more than ever we could all enjoy from a little escapism, inspiration and distraction. For whichever mood you’re in, we’ve pulled a list of Podcasts to meet your every need and mood that we think will help you get through these long days! Your new binge-worthy addiction awaits…


In Need of Inspiration:

Reciting famous quotes, Michael Russo, founder of Sticky Quotes, analyses the essence of these inspirational quotes in great depth, extracting the actionable advice to help shape your life, in his podcast The Motivation Movement. Lewis Homes in The School of Greatness, shares stories of those who have combated the toughest struggles to reach success, this podcast is sure to inspire your own motivation. The One You Feed, hosted by friend duo Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes, encompasses information on how to live your best life. Discussing topics from mental health, they provide habits and strategies to create a "life worth living" reflecting on their own personal experiences.


Get Your Sleep Back:

The most popular of sleep podcasts, Drew Ackerman’s hour long tales in Sleep with Me, will help you switch off your overactive mind and hush those rambling thoughts by focusing on his voice for peaceful night’s sleep. Or if you’re in the mood for some simple story-telling, listen along to yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai, tell a story, where Nothing Much Happens such as baking bread or standing in the snow in a soothing voice until you slowly drift off to sleep. Alternatively, join authors and narrators while they tell you a bedtime story accompanied with ASMR soundscapes and gentle music in the background as you blissfully fall asleep in the podcast Get Sleepy.


Your Dose of Entertainment:

MIC fans, you don’t have to wait every Monday to get your dose of the Chelsea gang! Jaime Laing and Frances Boulle are here to fill in for the rest of the week with Private Parts, described as “reading their personal diaries out loud” the duo are joined by a celebrity guest each week to talk about what exactly goes on in their lives when the cameras aren’t filming. The Independent’s Millennial Love talks about everything from relationships, love, sexuality and identity, and dating in the modern world! It doesn’t stop there, find out how you can still be lucky in love during social-distancing with phone-ins about virtual dating! Or, if you’re missing your catch ups with friends, we’ve got your fix with The Receipts Podcast – sure to have you in stitches in the first 5 minutes, 3 hilarious and unapologetically-honest women delve into their love lives and answer their listeners' dilemmas for the best no-filter girl chat!


Uplift Your Mood:

Join Fearne Cotton in her Happy Place as she’s joined by guests that reflect on the significant parts of their lives and what happiness means to them. Award-winning podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin draws from her personal life along with science and humour, to demonstrate healthy habits to live a happier life along with her sister Elizabeth Craft. Follow the 20-minute guided meditations with Mindful in Minutes, ideal to calm and uplift your mood when you don’t have a lot of time.


Advice on Health and Wellness:

These bite-sized episodes, less than 5 minutes long, are packed with insightful facts and easy-to-do habits for health, de-stressing, movement and productivity as Ashdin Doctor, otherwise known as The Habit Doctor believes “an awesome life starts with awesome habits”. Deliciously Ella’s founders Ella and Matthew Mills, welcome expert guests every week to discuss the epitome of a healthy and happy lifestyle, from your gut to your mind, skincare and exercise and even the environment! Whilst, husband and wife, Sarah-Kate and Eric discuss useful and practical tips to exercise self-care, drawing upon Eric’s positive psychology approach to life and Sarah-Kate’s own experiences coaching Wall-Streeters on their mental health, the insightful duo know exactly what they're talking about on their podcast Self Care with the Mindful Tech Lab!

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