What Is A Graduate Scheme?

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Many organisations and companies offer graduate schemes in the UK, allowing undergraduates and postgraduates to discover their training programmes.

If you have recently graduated and are wondering what a graduate scheme is, read on to learn more, including why we think graduate schemes are worth it.

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What is a graduate scheme in the UK?


Like an apprenticeship, a graduate scheme offers recent graduates a job alongside the opportunity to learn and develop their skills through a structured training programme. If you are accepted, you will have a graduate scheme job and be known as a graduate trainee.


Graduate scheme jobs are run by senior employers who aim to build a set of future leaders for their organisation. The length of a graduate scheme can last between one to two years and sometimes longer, depending on the field.


Graduate schemes are usually found in industries such as finance, retail, HR, marketing, management, and law.


What is a commercial graduate scheme?

If you’re looking to go down the commercial graduate scheme route, you’ll find yourself working directly with the executive department to maximise sales and profit.


Your role will consist of going to the public to promote new products or expand on market research. From the get-go, you’ll be able to get first-hand experience, similarly to any other graduate scheme.


However, the downside is that commercial graduate schemes are very competitive, so be prepared to show your portfolio and showcase your passion for the industry.

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Are graduate schemes worth it?


We think applying for a graduate scheme is worth it because it’s a great way to ease yourself into workplace responsibilities and they will give you first-hand experience in your chosen profession.


As well as learning how to work in today’s world, you’ll also have the chance to build a solid support network, develop your skillset, and prepare yourself for the future. Furthermore, you won’t fear losing your job after you’ve left university as most schemes offer fixed-term contracts, offering you a sense of job security.



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