UK Universities With A Placement Year

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Plenty of UK universities offer work placement years, including for international students. During this year, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their course sector by working for a company or organisation.

A work placement year will give you greater industry knowledge, help you connect and meet new people, boost your CV with work experience and give you greater insight into possible career paths.


How to find a university work placement in the UK


Universities with placements in the UK


Most UK universities offer courses with placement years, including many options of placement years for international students.

  To check if a university offers placement years, as well as any entry requirements and eligibility, you can check the university website.

Alternatively, to check the complete list of UK universities with placements in the UK, head to the UCAS website. UCAS is an independent organisation through which you can search for and apply to university courses in the UK. 

By entering the subject you wish to study in the search bar and clicking enter, you’ll see the complete list of universities offering this subject alongside any details about placement year options.

Or, simply search ‘placement’ to see the full list of universities and courses with placements in the UK.


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