Short Term Student Accommodation in the UK

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Uni semesters are typically under 4 months, but landlords rarely rent homes or apartments for less than 6 months. So, what do you do if you’re looking to stay for just a semester or even less? 

You don’t need to restrict where you choose to go to uni just because you don’t live nearby. Instead, refine your search to ‘short term student accommodation’ to easily find a property that suits your needs and budget. 

Read on to learn what ‘short-term let’ means, how long a short-term let lasts in the UK and how to find the best student accommodation for a short stay in top university cities across the country.

Dining and kitchen area of Spring Mews in Vauxhall, London, which is available as short-term student accommodation

What is a short term let? 


A short-term let is accommodation, whether an apartment, room or house, available to rent for 6 months or less.


Finding accommodation for a few months can be difficult for students who don’t live near their university, if you don’t know where to look. Fresh offers award-winning, all-inclusive student accommodation and rental homes across 60 locations in the UK and Ireland. This includes short-term let options in popular university towns and cities.

Communal area of Blackhall Place in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, which is available as a short term let for students.

How long is a short term let in the UK?

Short-term lets offer the ultimate in flexibility for UK students because they can be as long as you need them to be.


Whether you’re doing a full degree for four years or a short diploma for three months, you can find affordable accommodation for the duration of your studies that suits your needs and lifestyle, whatever the timeframe.

Find short term student accommodation 


Fresh offers all-inclusive options, which means that all your amenities are included in your cost. In addition, you’ll have access to the Fresh Resident App , which allows you to book a space for an event, request maintenance work, make secure payments and even track parcels and deliveries from your mobile.


Fresh has a dedicated Resident’s Team whose sole focus is the wellbeing of students. From before you move in, to the day you move out, we create a safe space and provide support wherever we can. 


From semester lets in Dublin to student accommodation in London, each property is conveniently located close to your uni. Browse our short-term student accommodation options today.

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