Black History Month 2023: Saluting Our Sisters

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UK Black History Month, celebrated throughout October, is a time when we come together to commemorate and recognise the profound impact of black individuals on the history and culture of the United Kingdom. It serves as a vital opportunity to reflect on the contributions and struggles of the black community, a diverse group with rich stories that have shaped the nation. During this month, we honour the resilience, achievements, and cultural heritage of the black community, while acknowledging the ongoing journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


This year's theme, 'Saluting our Sisters,' spotlights the invaluable role of black women in our history. From fearless activists like Claudia Jones and Olive Morris to pioneering professionals such as Mary Seacole and Diane Abbott, black women have shattered barriers and set examples of determination, courage, and resilience. Their stories are a testament to the incredible spirit of black women in the UK.

Black History month magazine, in collaboration with the esteemed Black Writers Guild (BWG), seeks to shine a light on these unsung heroines and has created a national poetry competition to celebrate the occasion.

The competition is reaching out to poets of all backgrounds and ages to celebrate the vibrant legacies of black women. Your words have the power to inspire change, to acknowledge the struggles, and to honour the achievements of black women who have shaped history.

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As we delve into the celebration of UK Black History Month under the theme 'Saluting our Sisters', we invite you to join us. Keep an eye out for more inspiring content on the Fresh blog and social media channels. Let’s come together as a community to amplify their voices, learn from their experiences, and work towards a more equitable future. Stay tuned!

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