Cost of Living: How to enjoy dating on a budget

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Love doesn't have to cost a thing. We're here to give you all the tips and tricks to keep the love in the air and the pounds in your bank account


Cheap Date Night Ideas for Students On A Budget


One great thing about living in large university cities is that there's always something to do for everyone at any cost, and sometimes even free! Check out some ideas that would make the perfect date night.

Open Mic-Night/Comedy Club


There's nothing better than a good laugh to get those 'feel-good hormones' racing around your body. So why not take a trip to your local comedy club? Amateur nights are often cheap, if not free!


If you're feeling brave and looking to impress your date – visit an open mic night and surprise them with a romantic poem in front of the crowd.


Picnic in the Park


Food can be the ultimate love language, and this doesn’t always mean cooking an elaborate meal in the shared kitchen! One way to use this away from flatmates and on the cheap is on a romantic picnic in the park. Perfect for those long summer days where you can enjoy Instagrammable views and picturesque sunsets.

Picnic date ideas: a couple lying on the grass having a picnic


Take a Tour Across a Town or City


Are you a local with infinite knowledge of your town? Looking to impress a newbie? Why not become a tour guide for the evening and bring your date on a walking tour of your city — a cute and romantic way to spend some time together without breaking the bank.  


Thrift Store Shopping Spree


We all love a good bargain, especially when buying new clothes. Check out the local thrift stores near you to find great pieces at low prices. It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of fancy dress, trying a new aesthetic or finding matching outfits for you and your boo. To make things even more fun and exciting, set up a challenge and give each other a budget to see who can haggle their way through the best finds at the end of the date.

Cheap At-Home Date Ideas

Cook Together


If you find you have the place to yourself that night, or you don’t mind your flatmates hanging around, get yourself and your date into the kitchen. Cooking together is not only very affordable, but a great way for two people to act like a team and bond.

A Screen-Free Day


After a busy day at uni, you sometimes want to take a break from the outside world and spend time indoors. So, why not spend a screen-free day with your partner? This could be the perfect opportunity to communicate and get to know each other more without distractions. Show your competitive side by getting the board games out (DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee an argument-free games night).

Paint and Sip


Unleash your creative side and create a little art with your special person. Create a collage of all your favourite pictures, or gather some paints, canvas and a big bottle of wine for a bit of paint and sip. Why not grab two canvases to paint, give each other one minute to paint whatever you want, and then rotate between each other until the canvas is filled to create something as unique as your relationship.

Paint and sip: a woman drinking wine painting a canvas


At-Home Spa Day


After a long week of 9am lectures, all-nighters in the library, and assignments, all you want is to chill at home. Surprise your other half with a little pamper day at home by giving each other massages, relaxing facials or mani-pedis. If all that sounds too complicated just get into your comfiest clothes, slice a cucumber, put it over your eyes and commit to laying down and relaxing together.



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