The Best Cities to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2023

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Chinese New Year 2023 where to celebrate in the UK

Happy Lunar New Year! As one of the most important festivals in China, and other neighbouring East Asian countries, it's time to celebrate new beginnings, honour your ancestors and enjoy plenty of wholesome food with your loved ones.

Discover the best places to celebrate Chinese New Year in the UK!

What is the animal for the Chinese New Year 2023?


As the stars realign and the Chinese zodiacs change – it's time to say goodbye to the Year of the Tiger and welcome the Year of the Rabbit this 2023. Starting from January 22nd 2023, the year of hope will end on February 9th 2024.


In Chinese culture, the sign of the Rabbit symbolises an array of longevity, peace and prosperity. And people born in the year of the Rabbit are believed to be vigilant, witty, quick-minded and ingenious.


Which Cities Have the Most Firework Displays for Lunar New Year?




In Chinese culture, fireworks are essential in removing bad energy and scaring off evil spirits. We have searched near and far to see which cities in the UK have the most searches for fireworks displays per 100,000 people. Leicester comes out on top with 1,306 searches from a population of 471,000.


Most Sought-Out Lunar New Year Celebrations in the UK




Chinese New Year celebrations are happening all over the UK, but which cities are people all over the world most interested in? Our data analysts have looked at global searches for each city + Chinese New Year to find out. Machester had 181 searches per 100,000 people!


Most Lunar New Year Celebrations Per City




Preparing the house for the new year, receiving or giving money, lighting lanterns, and plenty of fireworks are just a few things that make up the traditions of the Lunar New Year. We looked at which city has the most Chinese New Year celebrations and Manchester comes in first place again!


Which UK Cities Are the Most Interested in Chinese New Year?




We looked at the volume of searches for 'Chinese New Year' in these top 15 UK cities to find out which cities are the most interested/excited about Chinese New Year! No surprises for guessing which city came out on top – Manchester!

THE RESULT: Which UK city is the best place to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year?

best UK cities to celebrate Chinese new year in

* per 100,000 people

**Global Search Volumes


Manchester is the UK's best city to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year this 2023!


It's no surprise that Manchester is the best city to celebrate the Lunar New Year, as it ranks in the top 3 for almost all our new year celebration criteria.


Whether you're planning to visit the city to celebrate the Lunar New Year or have made Manchester your new home away from home – following from London City, Manchester is also home to one of the largest Chinese populations, with 2.3% of all Chinese people living there.





We looked at the number of fireworks displays for Chinese New Year in each city on Eventbrite, searches for the city with Chinese New Year globally on google ads keyword planner (i.e. 'Manchester Chinese New Year'), number of events on google search, and searches for Chinese new year in each city using google ads keyword planner. All four metrics were weighted against the population to give an accurate ranking.

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