What is the most haunted place in the UK? Settle in and listen to spinetingling tales from the great beyond!

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Ghosts and ghouls, witches and spectres. It’s that time of year when even the most sceptical become true believers in the paranormal. Come Halloween, when the moon shines bright and the wind whistles through the trees, you can almost feel those eerie phantoms in your midst — and you may even spot them in the flesh (well, more or less!) if you know where to look. We’ve researched some of the most haunted hotspots in the UK, from ancient villages and cities to creaking castles and spooky mansions — places where the apparitions are legendary, and the tales are bone-chilling. Are you ready to do a bit of ghost hunting? At last, the witching hour is near… Here are the locations you’re most likely to experience the paranormal in the UK.

Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and London are home to the most haunted houses in the UK

If you’re thinking of heading off for a countryside retreat in Buckinghamshire or Hampshire, think again: these counties are home to the most haunted houses in the UK. This includes Hampshire’s grand and eerie Beaulieu Palace House, one of the UK’s top haunted mansions, where hallways are roamed by a ghostly Lady in Blue. The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, even took a trip to Beaulieu to hold a séance as part of his research into the paranormal. Not that you’re any safer in the city, either. London is equally known for its haunted premises, including the home of the most prolific poltergeist ever: the Enfield Poltergeist at 284 Green Street. For a full 18 months, starting the summer of 1977, the Hodgson family’s North London home was possessed, with over 30 people witnessing activities such as unexplained knocking noises, moving furniture, and levitation. The site wears the mantle of Britain’s best-documented poltergeist haunting.

The Most Haunted Houses in the UK

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Scotland houses the most haunted castles in the UK

Dark dungeons, drawbridges that offer no escape, cold-hearted bluebloods and duty-bound servants — is it any wonder that castles are oftentimes hotbeds for spirits? And nowhere is this more true than in Scotland: eight out of eleven of the most haunted castles in the UK are in Scotland. Meanwhile, Ireland's Ballygally Castle is renowned for being one of the most haunted places in the entire world. Nowadays, the castle has been converted to a hotel, but that doesn't deter its original ghostly residents. Hotel guests often report hearing knocks on their doors, but when they open them, there's no one there…

The Most Haunted Castles in the UK

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Buckinghamshire is home to the most haunted churches in the UK

Mist-sheathed graveyards and spine-chilling mausoleums make churches a magnet for the paranormal. When it comes to the UK’s haunted churches, Buckinghamshire has more than its fair share. Most famous, perhaps, is St. Lawrence’s Church and Mausoleum in the small village of West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Sat atop what’s known as the Hellfire Caves, a manmade chalk and flint cave system, both the church and the caverns were the handiwork of Sir Francis Dashwood who co-founded the Hellfire Club, rumored to host orgies and black magic rituals. Little wonder that ghosts haunt the caves, including Dashwood’s friend, Paul Whitehead, in perpetual search of his stolen heart (for real) and Sukie, the White Lady, a maid who came to a tragic end.

The Most Haunted Churches in the UK

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Overall, Buckinghamshire is the most haunted place in the UK

Rounding up the most murderous mansions, horrible houses, gruesome graveyards and insidious inns, Buckinghamshire slays all other locations when it comes being the most haunted place in the UK. As many as 17 of the UK’s most haunted locations are in Buckinghamshire, including 6 haunted inns and 3 spooky hotspots in the small town of West Wycombe alone!

Buckinghamshire’s Top Horrible Haunts

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The UK’s most haunted universities

With their wealth of history, even UK universities have picked up a haunting or two over the years. Bristol has a Headless Horseman who rampages through the city campus. Or, if you’re studying at Warwick, be warned of the notorious convict ghosts, trapped forevermore where the old prison the university is built on stood. In total, the University of Cambridge has more hauntings than any other UK university. Numerous ghostly apparitions have been spotted at the university, including most famously Oliver Cromwell.

UK University Hauntings

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