How to Make New Friends When You Start University

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Starting at university can be a daunting experience especially if you are living far away from home and don’t know anyone who goes to your university. However, whether you are moving with friends or starting fresh there are all sorts of opportunities to make new friends at uni.

Social Media

You can start to make friends before you even move through social media. Join your University or accommodation Facebook pages and post a message. Often there are group chats started for courses or for student housing so you can start messaging and getting to know those you may be living with or people on your course before you even start. There also are likely to be posts from the different societies giving you more information before Freshers Fair. This is a good way to find societies you may be interested in that you can look out for and they may also have group chats you can join.


When you move in the first people you are likely to meet are your flatmates. This is a great place to start making friends as you are likely to meet them before Freshers events – and you'll be living with them for the next year! Get to know them and ask if they would like to attend the Freshers Fair together if they go to the same university as you. You can also ask them to explore your new student town or city if you have not been there before or had a chance to explore. If you know it well why not offer your new flatmates a tour? You are likely to spend a lot of your time with your flatmates if you are sharing a kitchen and living room so getting to know them and making friends can really help you to settle in and feel comfortable in your accommodation. If you aren't in a shared flat and are living in a studio don't worry at Fresh our properties have loads of shared spaces and regular events for you to get to know the people in your building, so you have just as much opportunity as everybody else to make some great friends! 


During Freshers week there are always loads of activities going on which you can take part in no matter what you enjoy. Attending events either with flatmates or other friends you have made before Freshers is a great opportunity to branch out and learn more about the university as well as to meet new people whilst enjoying activities or parties. Whether you enjoy big social events or prefer smaller activities there is plenty to offer at Freshers week so make sure to have a look before you move to see what your university has going on. Lots of people make friends for life during Freshers week!


Whether there are lots of people on your course or only a dozen it is still a great opportunity to make friends. Taking the same course and being in the same class means you might have future goals in common or at least are doing the same work as them. It is a great opportunity to make friends whether they are close friends or just friends you meet to work on assignments with. If you are on a course with a lot of people or have a big class, in the first few days, take the opportunity to sit with different people and get to know them. That way you can easily work with anyone and you can decide who you get along with best and find where you feel most comfortable in your class. 


After Freshers Fair you may have joined a few societies and this is a great way to make friends that have a common interest with you. Even if it is something you have never done before and you just want to try it, there will be others in the same position. The great thing about societies is you can try out and join several. That way even if you try out a society but do not end up joining you may still have made some friends. If you do join several you can make a range of friends who enjoy similar things to you and will have lots of opportunities to hang out with them at the society events! Now that you know our tips on how to make friends you can ensure to find a group of friends you get along with, create a support network to help you settle in and enjoy university. Always take opportunities to take part or try new things until you find friends who you can laugh with, enjoy spending time with, and even work hard with too! At Fresh our Be Wellbeing programme is designed to support you and provide you with opportunities to make friends and meet your neighbours, find out more here.

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