The UK Regions Producing The Most Olympic Medals (Plus Our Predictions For Tokyo 2021!)

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With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics starting on 23rd July, sports fanatics across the world are anticipating how many medals their country will bring home. Over the past 10 years, Team GB has proudly returned with a grand total of 132 Olympic medals: 56 gold, 40 silver and 36 bronze. And while we’re all proud of our homegrown champions, is there a specific region that should be most proud? We analysed 10 years of Team GB Olympics medal data to discover which areas of the UK bring home the most gold, silver and bronze!  

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London wins nearly a quarter of the UK’s Olympic medals

Over the past 10 years, London-born Olympians have brought home more medals than any other region of the UK, with 35 medals in total — nearly a quarter of the total amount of medals won! This includes four cycling golds and four equestrian golds. Second to London, Surrey athletes have won 18 medals in total, including three medals won by tennis champion Andy Murray. Following Surrey, West Yorkshire and Gloucestershire both have 11 medals each across triathlon, rowing, boxing and dressage.

Most British Olympic Bronze Medal Winners

The counties bringing home the most bronze medals are: • London — 9 • Surrey — 6 • West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Hertfordshire — 4 each

Most British Olympic Silver Medal Winners

The counties bringing home the most silver medals are: • London — 16 • Glasgow — 6 • Surrey — 5 • Manchester — 4 • Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Aberdeen — 3 each

Most British Olympic Gold Medal Winners

The counties bringing home the most Olympic gold medals are: • London — 10 • Surrey — 7 • Gloucestershire — 6 • Essex and West Yorkshire — 5 each This isn’t including the four gold medals won by Mo Farrah. Although Farrah now lives in London, he originates from Mogadishu, Somalia.

What sports do Team GB win the most medals in?

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When it comes to what sports Great Britain has the most success in at the Olympics, our strengths are clear. Team GB has brought back 24 medals in cycling over the past 10 years, accounting for over a fifth of our medals. Impressively, 14 of these are gold! Other top sports include rowing (14 medals), athletics (13 medals) and gymnastics (11 medals). Taekwondo and triathlon are joint tenth place as Great Britain has won exactly the same number of gold, silver and bronze medals for each.

How many medals do we predict Team GB will win in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Using historical data, we predicted how many medals Team GB will win in this year’s Olympics broken down by gold, silver and bronze: • Bronze: 22 • Silver: 29 • Gold: 34 • Total Medals for Team GB: 85 If our predictions are correct, 6 of our Olympic gold medals will be from London athletes, 5 from Surrey, 5 from Manchester and 4 from Gloucestershire.

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