Why Study in the UK?

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The opportunity to study abroad opens students up to exceptional education opportunities, new cultures, experiences and most importantly, new ways of thinking. The UK welcomes almost 460,000 students annually – second only to the USA, making it one of the most desirable study destinations in the world.


Why study in the UK?

With so many students travelling to the UK from across the globe, what makes studying here so appealing?


A Welcoming Environment

From tourism and entertainment to business, the UK is perfectly tailored to accommodate the international market – and this extends to the academic realm, with the UK being one of the most welcoming countries to students from abroad. From easy-to-understand public transport routes for getting around, cultural clubs and societies, it’s easy to feel right at home in the UK.


Excellent Reputation 

Out of the top 100 universities in the world, the UK boasts 18 of these positions – second only to the US. With Ivy League schools like Cambridge and Oxford and an overall 800-year history of excellent education, a qualification from a UK university opens many doors. It also prepares students for a truly global experience, as the UK offers a melting pot of culture and diversity.


Wide Variety of Courses

There are over 300 universities in the UK, each with their own selection of short courses, diplomas, degrees, masters and other qualifications. Ranging from the iconic capital of London to places like Leicester, Sheffield or Leeds, international students can choose the lifestyle they want for their university experience.


Networking Opportunities

As there are so many local and international students at any given university, it’s easy to make professional connections with potential employers or business partners. Business hubs like London, Oxford and Edinburgh are just a train or bus ride away, and they’re also packed with internship and startup opportunities for student entrepreneurs.


Affordable Lifestyle Options

Studying abroad can be quite expensive; however, several universities offer scholarships, bursaries and financial support. You can also find cost-effective forms of entertainment, even in expensive cities like London. If you’re looking for the best place to live while you study in the UK, discover affordable student accommodation across the

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