Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Recipe Inspo

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We know that for the majority of us, this weekend is about eating our own body weight in Easter-egg chocolate, but whilst it’s important to treat yo’self during these tricky times, it’s also very important to be kind to your body and therefore kind to your mind. In fact, recent studies suggest that up to 90% of the body's serotonin is produced in the gut*. This means that what we’re consuming has a direct impact on our mental health, and if we can eat well, this will lead to us feeling happier and more energised on a daily basis!

Not sure where to find the best serotonin boosting dishes? Instagram is the place my friend.

Here are our top 10 food blogs to follow for healthy cooking inspo during quarantine – get ready to salivate:

1. @deliciouslyella 

 Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella and queen of plant-based living, features a fantastic array of affordable, healthy and generally pretty easy-to-follow recipes on her IG, often going by the name of ‘one tray’ or ‘one pan’ meals. And, I don’t know about you, but they’re the kind of words I like to precede the name of a new recipe I’m about to embark on.

Mills turned to plant-based eating after being diagnosed with a number of autoimmune diseases, and grew to love cooking such nutritious meals that are only good the body and do not trigger intolerances. So, if you want to go super ‘clean’ with your diet, Deliciously Ella is a great one to follow.

  2. @thebodycoach
 (Source: The Body Coach Turkey and Sweet Potato Tray Bake)

The Body Coach, also known as Joe Wicks, is a fitness instructor who’s become particularly well known for his ‘transformation’ plans and his easy, yet tasty #Leanin15 meals. These are great dishes to cook if you are wanting to, in Joe’s words, ‘get lean’, but if you just fancy cooking up something new and flavoursome that doesn’t require too much slaving away in the kitchen, then his Insta is the place to check out.

He also features some ‘naughtier’ dishes on the ‘gram for when you want to balance out all of the healthy eating you’ll be doing after this weekend (shifty eyes emoji).

  3. @herbivoreskitchen
Herbivore’s Kitchen posts, you guessed it, vegetable-only dishes (i.e. vegan cuisine). This is a good one to follow if you are either already a vegan, or you’re interested in trying to balance out your diet with more veg-based meals. There are a range of dishes to try, from easy to complex – so if you’re looking for a challenge in the kitchen, try cooking up one of her recipes.

  4. @dianemorrisey
 (Source: Shakshuka With Pearl Couscous)

Dianne Morrisey is a U.S. based cook who makes a stunning variety of well-presented dishes, from Shakshuka With Pearl Couscous (featured above) to Blackberry Galettes with pistachio crusts (OK the latter isn’t so healthy, but sounds it fancy right?). Dianne cooks all kinds of cuisine including meat, veggie and vegan options, some healthy, and, some, well, not so much. But, either way, a great account to check out for a balanced diet with some tasty treats.

  5. @thelittlelondonvegan
(Source: In the “nood” for flavour?)

Generally well-known in the veg’ scene for reviewing vegan dishes in London restaurants, The Little London Vegan has adapted her feed to share more recipes including product reviews during quarantine, and oh my, do they look good.

She gives detailed reviews with super helpful allergy markers, costs and even levels of sustainability.

  6. @bbcgoodfood

BBC good food is a trusted fave for many, with simple and easy-to-follow recipes for all kinds of cuisine. There’s a good balance of healthy dishes, and also very indulgent ones (for your cheat days).

  7. @melissah.hemsley
(Source: Fried Chermoula Cauliflower on Herby Bean Dip)

Mellisa Hemsley is a flexitarian chef known for her planet-friendly cook books including ‘Eat Green’, ‘The Art of Eating Well’ and ‘Eat Happy: 30-minute Feelgood Food’. She generally posts dishes absolutely packed full of veg, so if you’re looking for a post-Easter-egg detox, this is another great one to follow.

  8. @mobkitchen
(Source: Pesto Veggie Traybake, with crunchy garlic croutons)

MOB Kitchen’s Instagram showcases a fantastic variety of both hearty, nutritious dishes including their Pesto Veggie Traybake featured above, and less healthy but comforting numbers including their take on the classic Chicken Katsu, and a Chorizo Carbonara.

I know, I know, this is all about healthy recipe inspo… But you’ve got to get a balance right?

  9. @poorlondonvegan

(Source: Poor London Vegan) Poor London Vegan, a relatively new food blogger on the scene, features lots of affordable vegan products and, previously, London restaurants. Much like other food bloggers, she’s adapted her feed to display more recipes (mostly in her highlights) and food combos to inspire others to create healthy vegan meals on a budget during quarantine.

And, don’t be put off following her if you don’t live in London – she features vegan products available in supermarkets all over the UK.

  10. @elavegan
(Source: Elavegan Chickpea Curry with Eggplant)

Ela’s IG is all about hearty, vegan comfort dishes, sharing, amongst other cuisines, lots of Indian, Italian and Mexican inspired recipes, with loads of gluten free options. So, if fresh salads are less your jam, and you’re more of an Indian takeaway kinda Jo but you want to get your veggies in, this account is where you should head to

… Feeling hungry?


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