How To Spring Clean Your Home: Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks Revealed!

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Warmer weather, blooming flower buds and chocolate Easter eggs can only mean one thing: spring has SPRUNG! And, although we can't burst open our doors and enjoy the sunshine to the fullest, we can open the doors of the cupboards and drawers we've had sealed shut with shame and get into the spirit of the season with a big Spring Clean!


No matter how hard we try to keep our space decluttered and tidy throughout the year, we're right back with our disinfectant in one hand and charity bags in the other every time April rolls around. Whether it be the big pile of bits and bobs that were supposed to go into your memory box or the mountain of outdated manuals you thought would come in handy one day – it's time to say goodbye.


Have you ever sat there and thought, "How do I start spring cleaning?" Not to worry – we've found the ultimate cleaning queens to help you every step of the way.

how to spring clean your home, a pile of clothes in a bedroom


Sophie Hinchcliffe, also known as Mrs Hinch, is a British influencer who is not shy to show off her home cleaning tips. She began her influencing career on Instagram with her interest in interior design. From spring cleaning motivation to cleaning products, Mrs Hinch has tried them all and provides excellent reviews as she puts them to use. As Mrs Hinch formed a group of fans called the 'Hinch Army', in time, followers were using the term 'The Hinch Effect', where people were motivated to clean and instantly felt it helped soothe any feelings of stress and anxiety.


Marie Kondo, founder of KonMari and author of best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has a full-proof guide on how to declutter your home to make space for things you love.


Both cleaning influencers are keen advocates of the phrase 'tidy house, tidy mind' in which experts have proven that tidying can give us a sense of control over our surroundings and distract us from our daily stresses, keeping our worries at bay.


Hinch Hacks: How to spring clean your bedroom?


With the weather improving (fingers crossed!) and the days getting longer – there's no room for the winter blues to stick around, so it's the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your spring cleaning and have a fresh start.


Wash your bedding!


Let's start with the basics – washing your bedding. Not only can dirty bedding affect your skin, but it also impacts your breathing, triggering those allergies you've been dreading all year round. From duvets and pillows to mattress protectors, it's time to strip down your bedding and make it have a little fiesta in the washing machine.

woman changing bed clothes


How to clean your mattress


If you feel a little extra cleaning kick, Mrs Hinch also recommends cleaning your mattress with baking soda. It is a cheap method to keep your bed clean and does a great job of removing any odours. Sprinkle a little baking soda over your mattress, leave it to rest for a couple of hours, vacuum it off and there you go- good as new! Mrs Hinch fans have also taken to TikTok to show off their skills and recommend using a tea towel wrapped around a saucepan lid and laundry detergent diluted in water to clean your mattress. Lightly scrub your bed with the saucepan lid to remove dirt and stains.


Open the windows


Make the most of the better weather and open your windows. It's the perfect way to air out any dust in your room and let fresh air in. Studies have shown that fresh air can raise oxygen levels in your brain, raising your serotonin levels.


We recommend that you aerate your room for at least 20 minutes to one hour for optimum ventilation to eliminate dust, allergies, and other nasties.




When we're talking about starting a spring clean in your bedroom, kitchen or living room – we're talking about cleaning everything AND the kitchen sink. From dusting, hoovering, and polishing, there's so much you can do to have the perfect spring clean. Start by wiping down all surfaces for dust, removing any cobwebs and getting into any crevices you might typically avoid.


During a spring clean, dry microfibre cloths are your best friend when it comes to removing any dust, followed by a solution of disinfectant like Zoflora and warm water. Not only does it kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, but it also leaves your home smelling great.


A spring clean doesn't have to be expensive as most high-quality cleaning products and tools can easily be bought from pound shops.


As beautiful as the spring weather can be, it can also bring along the dreaded 'April Showers ', leaving unwanted water marks on the windows and window frames. Using warm water and a dash of washing up liquid and a splash of vinegar, you'll have your windows sparkling in no time. Another tip from Mrs Hinch is to use Minky glass cloths and a squeegee for any extra water marks and large windows.


Tips & Tricks to A Tidy Home – Kondo Style


Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and wondered how they do it? How do they keep a tidy house? Well, soon you will be that friend. The friend that makes keeping a tidy house look easy! Just follow these tips and tricks that we've developed to keep your home tidy.


Commit yourself to tidy up.


Charity bags? Check! Anti-slip hangers? Check! Aesthetically pleasing drawer separators? Check!


So many of us start with good intentions, but 6 hours later, we find ourselves laying on top of a mound of clothes, in our year 11 prom outfit, whilst looking through photo albums of our school trips to Swanage and the local Aquarium. Having the right supplies will help you commit yourself to the task. Giving up halfway through is only sabotaging your success! Keep at it – you will thank yourself when it's all over.


Imagine your ideal lifestyle.


Before even opening your cupboard of cleaning supplies, picture the lifestyle you aspire to have. If it's easier for you to visualise, draw it out, or even write it down. Understanding how you want to live in your home will give the purpose and reasoning behind your spring clean, encouraging you to work towards that lifestyle goal!


Tidy by category, not by location.


Most of us tidy room-by-room; the most significant rookie error in decluttering and why most of us end up with a surplus of items we don't need. The idea is to understand how much you own in volume, regardless of where they live in your home. Collect all things around your house by category; only then can you see the entire quantity of your possessions, allowing you to make appropriate decisions on what to discard – seriously, nobody needs 11 white tees – nobody!


Follow the right order.


Some things are easier to discard than others. Start with the easy ones: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental belongings. Starting with clothes is the best way to practice the art of KonMari by another great tidiness influencer, Mari Kondo, before getting to the emotionally valuable possessions. Learning only to keep items that make you genuinely happy will prevent you from having emotional guilt when throwing away that friendship bracelet your no-longer-BFF gave you in year 7!


Does it spark joy?


The only criterion each item must meet to land itself in the 'keep' pile is whether it sparks joy. If you encounter anything in your home that doesn't give you happiness, it invites negativity to enter your space. The idea is to surround yourself with joyful items – at this stage of the process, rational thinking is out of the equation. Let your emotions decide what to keep. If it brings joy, it has rightfully deserved its place in your home.

clothes sorted into piles to keep, discard and donate


And that's it! Your decluttered home will look so good that it's ready for its own Architectural Digest photo shoot! Want to learn more from the top cleaning gurus? Head on over to Mrs Hinch’s Instagram and Marie Kondo’s Instagram or Youtube for more tips and tricks.



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