Netflix Series to Binge: When You Need to Switch Off

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It’s safe to say that we’re currently living in a very unique, unprecedented situation. You may find that you have a lot more time on your hands than you were expecting, or maybe you just need a distraction from the news and social media. That’s where this list of top Netflix Series to binge comes in! Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect series for you!

First up here’s what to watch when you’re feeling a bit anxious and just need to switch off:

  1. Friends

A trusted favourite for many – you can’t go wrong with an episode of Friends. Start again from the beginning or maybe pick a random episode in the middle, the choice is yours! Great even just as some background noise to keep you company. Just remember the snacks, as "Joey doesn't share food!" 

  2. Brooklyn 99

A great series of warm, comedy gold. Following the antics of a Brooklyn police precinct (the 99) this show is funny, light-hearted, and has a passionate fan base – they even managed to bring it back after it was cancelled! Why not check it out and see why they love it so much? Similar to Friends each episode is short so it’s not too much of a commitment, making it a great choice if you just want a switch off a little. Bonus – series 6 is finally coming to Netflix on 28th March! Noice.

  3. Terrace House

If you haven’t heard of Terrace House yet then meet your new addiction. This Japanese reality show follows six Japanese singles as they all live together in one house, but continue to go about their daily lives. Spoiler alert: they usually end up falling in love with each other. There are 6 narrators who watch along with you and amp up the drama, but it’s probably not the drama you’d expect from an English reality show! It’s a difficult one to describe, but trust us – it’s the best. There are currently 4 series on Netflix each set in a different location. We suggest starting with Aloha State in Hawaii. The best thing about this is as it’s subtitled you have to focus on the screen, forcing you off your social media and helping you to relax.

  4. The Good Place

This critically acclaimed show only recently finished with season 4 so it’s the perfect time to start watching as you don’t have to wait for any new episodes! Eleanor wakes up in ‘the good place’ but quite quickly realises she’s not supposed to be there… a quirky, fun show all about ethics. It’ll soon be your new fave. Just like Friends and Brooklyn 99, these short episodes make it the perfect choice as a distraction, without the commitment.

  5. Queer Eye

If you’re in need of cheering up then the unlimited joy of the Queer Eye Fab Five is here to the rescue. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you will undoubtedly feel better after watching this. And, who knows, perhaps after watching them help all these people turn their lives around you might just be inspired to use this time to make some positive life changes! Perfect that French tuck and clear out your wardrobe for Tan. Learn to love yourself with Karamo. Complete a whole room revamp inspired by Bobby. Make some delicious comfort food with Antoni. Although you probably shouldn’t try to cut your own hair… leave that to JVN. You can start your own amazing skincare routine for him though. Can you believe?! 

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