Get to know your neighbours (and make them like you!)

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Moving isn’t always easy, even if it’s just for a short spell. Don’t worry, we’ve lined up some top tips to help you break the ice and settle in with ease.



A language everyone understands. If you feel comfortable, suggest a pot luck night where each resident brings a different dish to share. The club lounges provide the perfect space to socialise, without the pressure of being a host. Don’t fancy cooking? You can always rely on delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEats, and, of course, nearby takeaways for a great night in.



Whether you’re Leeds born and bred or brand new to the city, there’s always something different to try. The city boasts hundreds of bars, restaurants and cafes to explore that are only a short walk away from Clarendon Quarter. Break the ice by asking another resident to show you around or offer to do the same for any newbies you see.



You don’t have to walk further than your own front door to find like-minded people at Clarendon Quarter. Fancy a new workout partner? Head down to the gym and you’ll be sure to find someone to smash your fitness goals with. Social butterfly? Once you’re settled, why not start a running club with your neighbours? There’s a tonne of great running routes around Leeds (and some even finish near our favourite drinking spots – win win!). If you can’t think of anything worse than chilling out in lycra with your new friends, just head down to the games room for a few rounds of ping-pong or pool – after all, competitiveness is the basis of any great friendship!


Keeping an open mind

It’s all about attitude. If you’re making a conscious effort towards being friendly, open and sociable you’re already half-way there. It’s easy to forget that you already have something in common with every single person living in your building – you all live together! Whilst this might seem obvious, finding something in common is always the hardest ice to break. A good starting point is to ask your neighbours what brought them to a shared living space. You might find you have more in common than you thought!


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