Personalise your new home

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Everyone has a different taste when it comes to design and especially, personalising their home. What is breath-taking for one might be appalling for another, and vice versa. However there are certain factors that will help almost everyone to create a place that feels like home – personalise it.


Paint the walls the way you want it

It might sound simple, but paint is one of the cheapest changes you can make to any room and it is a real game changer. Do not be scared when applying dark colours as they can look patchy when that first coat of paint goes up. All you need to do is apply a few more coats – don’t quit after the first application. If you are not feeling very courageous – paint one of the walls in the room and make it a feature one. Give it a go and make the bedroom headboard wall grander, more special, sophisticated and intriguing by just changing the colour.


Décor elements and accessories – the devil is in the detail

Decorating and finding the right elements that work together is a crucial part of creating a harmonious and cosy home. One of the biggest secrets is not to try and purchase everything at the same time, just because you want your apartment to be fully finished. You may accidentally find a vase in a vintage shop one Sunday afternoon and discover it is matching and going brilliantly with something you have already brought from your previous home. The idea is that everything is considered, pondered over and worked up into your overall look. It is all about building your home piece by piece and gathering together items that put a smile on your face.


Plants always make you feel welcoming and homey

Plants add an instant life to any space. Think of the texture, colour, vitality, smell… Plants are definitely an integral part of all rooms as they make the space you are in more welcoming, cosy, lively. Do not be scared to go big as that would certainly bring maximum impact.


Add a splash of colour

Your home is a reflection of who you are and how are you present yourself. Therefore, add a bit of individuality and a splash of your favourite colour. Mix the patterns, textures, and colours – make it the way it would represent your personality, the inner you. Add drama, movement, some clashing colours mixed in with harmonious neutrals. Believe it or not, but when you add vivid, intoxicating hues like deep orange or a mustard yellow, you’ll find that they automatically make you want to stay longer in a space. Just give it a try.


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