What to do with your second-hand stuff when living at Fresh

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Every year, thousands of students move in and out of our uni accommodations and have lots of leftover possessions that they no longer have use for, or can’t take home with them. This is especially the case for many of our international students who aren’t moving back home for summer via car, but by train or plane! Second hand items can include clothing, extra suitcases, furniture, and tinned food. So, what to do with all of this leftover stuff that’s still in pretty good nick?


Recycle and give it back to those in need, of course!

All year round, we have a supply of recycling bags that students come to collect and fill up with their second hand possessions. They can then drop their full bags off back at reception, which will be later collected by food banks and other charities including the British Heart Foundation.

As you can imagine, our receptions and British Heart Foundation boxes can get pretty full and are usually overflowing with these bags at the end of the academic year when everyone’s moving home! But, we don’t like waste at Fresh, and we do like recycling, so we always encourage our residents to follow our reuse procedure, meaning that as much of it as possible is re-homed to people who will put it to good use.

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