Where Do Students Live in Sheffield

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With two major universities at its helm, there is a great demand for student accommodation in Sheffield. Aside from being a student-friendly city, Sheffield also ranks as one of the most employable cities in the UK for graduates.

  From private studios to all-inclusive apartments, the city is packed with accommodation options to suit all needs, located just a hop away from uni and the most popular attractions and activities in the area.

  The city centre is a hub of activity, while the countryside is unmatched and perfect for a city break. Sheffield has become a popular student location, and you will not be stuck for accommodation here. So, let's look at some of the best potential areas for students to live in Sheffield.

City Centre

  The city centre, just like Sheffield itself, has a unique character about it. The areas around West Street and Cathedral district offer plenty for students both day and night, making it perfect for those looking for a buzzing social life. The areas near the train station and the theatre district offer students a slower pace during the day and a more upbeat vibe when the sun goes down. Student accommodation is available in the city centre in a variety of apartments and studios


  Sharrow is located between the hip London Road area and the more upmarket Ecclesall Road, and offers something for everyone. The restaurants are particularly well-known for providing almost every type of cuisine under the sun. Sharrow is also conveniently close to Sheffield's city centre just a few minutes’ ride away, 10 minutes by bus and 20 minutes on foot.  Sharrow is also close to the popular Redvers and Truro Works student accommodation and Sheffield Hallam University.

Ecclesall Road

  Ecclesall Road is a hotspot for students, especially those attending Sheffield Hallam University. Popularly known as Eccy Road, this area is one of Sheffield's defining features, boasting shops, restaurants and bars galore. It is also a popular area for when parents come to visit.

City Road and Norfolk Park

  The City Road area is rich in culture and arguably one of Sheffield's most historic suburbs. It is located behind the famous Park Hill development, just far enough from the city centre to provide students with some much-need peace and quiet, but not too far that you’re away from all the action happening in the greater Sheffield area.


Student Accommodation in Sheffield

  Fresh offers a range of private student accommodation in Sheffield, which includes a variety of student studios and shared apartments, all fully furnished – perfect for the busy student on the move. Whatever your budget, you will find the right base from which to study and explore the city.

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