My year at Fresh!

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There are so many great memories and favourite moments from my FRESH year at with everything from moving in, to sitting my summer exams….

  It was hard to pick my top few, but here they are:

  • Meeting my flatmates for the first time

By far the best memories are with my flatmates. As a flat, we really got on and made so many memories together and I genuinely feel like I have made friends for life! As a flat, we have done so many different fun things together from nights out and meals to playing board games in the kitchen to going to the gym together. One of my favourite memories was the (many) cinema trips we went on as a flat. It's just so nice to go out for the day with different people than you'd usually be with and go see a film you all love! 


  • Flat movie and game nights

One of the people in my flat brought a projector with them so we played films on a laptop and projected them on to the wall in the kitchen. Sometimes we connected an Xbox to the projector and played loads of games on that too! We also all chipped in for loads of different board games which we played all the time. 


  • 80’s Party

As a flat we decided to throw an 80’s themed party and it was honestly one of the funniest and best nights I have had at uni. We had 80’s music playing, and everyone came dressed up as something or someone from the 80’s. It was such a good night because all of my flatmates were there and everyone’s course mates came too! 


  • Chilling in the sun

When we had a heatwave in April, we all went out as a flat and went to a few beer gardens before just relaxing in a local park. It was definitely one of the most relaxing days and well needed before all the revision kicked in!

  Some of the funniest moments? Well..

  • My flatmate bringing a huge tree branch home after a night out
  • Playing inflatable tennis is the corridor
  • Almost every single pre-drinks we ever had

  FRESH, you've been a pleasure. You should stay Fresh too – you won't regret it!

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