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Is your permitted one walk/run a day not quite enough for you? Worried about losing your gym gains? Maybe you’re just feeling the need to stretch from sitting around all day or hunching over your laptop? Well have no fear! Fresh is here with some of the best free online workouts!

Perhaps you haven’t done anything more energetic than picking up the remote in a while (and PE at school has put you off trying anything else…)? Don’t worry, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a reluctant runner, we’re sure you’ll find something to try. And hey, at least in virtual workouts you can shout back at the instructor if you really don’t want to do something!

  1. Yoga with Adriene – YouTube
Ease yourself in gently to working out from home with some yoga. You may have heard of the famous Adriene – and for good reason, she has nearly 7 million loyal YouTube subscribers! She has a whole host of yoga videos on her YouTube channel from beginner classes through to more advanced…, you can choose one by length, she has a whole playlist for beginners, and there’s also some to target specific problems e.g. back pain. You’ll be a head-standing yogi in no time (and you don’t have to worry about people laughing at you when you fall over while learning some of those more complex moves). This is a great way to stretch out your aching muscles from all that quarantine sitting/lying/hunching. And, if you’re having trouble sleeping she also has some bedtime yoga videos to help you switch off before bed. Bonus: her lovely dog Benji also joins in sometimes!

  2. Joe Wicks – The Body Coach
All of the kids are doing it, so why don’t you try to? Yes, the guy who yells ‘midget trees’ and made all of the money doing Lean in 15 is doing daily PE lessons for children. Don’t be fooled though, they’re hard! Kids have a lot of energy… uni students? Probably depends how many naps you’ve had (don’t worry we’re all enjoying a quarantine nap). Get over to his YouTube (“the home of home workouts”) at 9am to join in live! Or maybe watch it back a little later in the day…

  3. Kayla Itsines – Sweat
The Sweat app by Kayla Itsines is the no.1 home workout app for women in the Apple Store with over 650 at home workouts from beginners to more advanced exercises accompanied by step-by-step videos. They are currently offering a free trial for new members. Although the app is paid for, Kayla has a lot of workouts over on her Instagram which are free and tailored to being at home, including many where no equipment are needed – so why not give it a go?  

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  4. Instagram
Why not check out your Instagram feed? There are plenty of fitness bloggers and gyms sharing workouts and even doing them live on their stories. Our Senior Marketing Exec gave some a go from @aylish_rutherford and @lucymountain/@nobsguides and the workout was so good she had to crawl up the stairs the next day… so why not get searching, find someone you vibe with and give it a go?! Lucy Mountain has even come with a great way to create weights when you have no equipment at home – just use your backpack!  

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